Christian Boltanski

Soundinstalation „Animitas“

Within the scope of the cultural project “Hellbrunn Sculpture Park”, a contemporary art installation is realized annually on the park grounds of Hellbrunn Palace in cooperation with the Hellbrunn Palace administration, the city parks department and the cultural department of the city of Salzburg. The aim is to present, year after year, new artistic approaches and ideas, all of which have their roots in a symbiosis of art, nature and location. For the year 2019, the organizers have managed to enlist internationally renowned French artist Christian Boltanski (* 1944, Paris) to execute his world-famous “Animitas” bell project at Hellbrunn. This project was displayed for the first time in 2014 in the Chilean desert and subsequently in varying dimensions in Japan, Scotland, Canada and Israel. The “Animitas” installation in Hellbrunn consists of 120 Japanese iron bells that are attached to slender metal rods inserted in the ground. It only takes a gentle breeze to create a delicate symbiosis of sound that Boltanski calls “music of the souls”.


Opening hours Park: daily 06:00-21:30 h


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5020 Salzburg


Christian Boltanski


Boltanski — whose work has revolved for decades around memory, transience and time — has already shown his work several times at documenta Kassel and the Venice Biennale. Key themes of his oeuvre include his own past, individual and collective constructs of memory, and human endeavours to avoid forgetting and being forgotten. In 2006, he received the prestigious Japanese Praemium Imperiale for sculpture, and in 2010 he exhibited at Monumenta in the Grand Palais in Paris. In honour of his 75th birthday, the Centre Pompidou in Paris is showing a retrospective of the artist in 2019.


Born in Paris
Günther Fruhtrunk-Preis des Akedemievereins Munich
Awarded the Kunstpreis Aachen
Awarded the Roland-Preis for Art in public spaces by Stiftung Bremer Bildhauerpreis
Receives art price from NORD/LB, Hannover
Receives the Kaiserring art prize from the city of Goslar
Awarded Praemium Imperiale (for sculpture), Japan Art Association, Tokyo
Créateurs sans frontières, award for visual arts by Cultures France (ex AFAA)
Adenauer – de Gaulle Prize together with Anselm Kiefer
Awarded the Premi Internacional Julio González de la Generalitat Valenciana 2014, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Valencia
Receives honorary doctorate from the University of Bologna
Lives and works in Malakoff near Paris

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